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Jehovah Tsidkenu: The Lord our Righteousness


1. Have you received Christ as Savior of your life so that you, too, can be made righteous and be reconciled to God?  If not, please visit our Resources page by clicking here.  There, you will be guided in a prayer of repentance so that you can join us in the family of God!


2. On what or on whom do you base your righteousness?  Oftentimes we are tempted to compare ourselves to those around us, judging how righteous we are based on how righteous we perceive someone else to be.  Not only is this flawed, but it's wrong.  No one is perfectly righteous apart from God.  God is the only One to whom we should be comparing ourselves. 


3. In what ways can you shine the light of Jesus?  In what ways do you shine His light?


4. Is there someone God has placed in your life that needs the love and salvation of God? Ask Him to guide you as you witness to them, to fill your mouth as you speak to them and to give you holy boldness to declare His name, His glory and His salvation.


5. We have been made righteous before God through Jesus Christ, but we are still living in a broken, sin-filled world in our broken, sinful bodies.  Our righteousness has not been made perfect yet.  We are in the sanctification process, as God refines us by fire to make us more and more like Him.  Are there any areas in your life right now God is showing you that don't measure up to His standard of righteousness?  Go to Him in prayer now.  Seek repentance.  Thank Him for the eyes to see.  Thank Him for loving you enough to discipline and correct you, not leaving you the way you are, but perfecting you in His love.  And, then, ask Him to help you overcome that stronghold of sin in your life.  He will empower, strengthen and purify you - every time.

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