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Waiting for Change to Come

I am in yet another season of waiting. Oh joy. *eye roll*

I've been in long seasons of waiting before, so you would think by now that I would have developed a little more grace for the journey. But, here I am. Joyless. Impatient. Angry. Weary. Fearful. Disheartened.

Waiting is never easy. No matter how long you've been doing it and no matter how long you've been a Christian, the wait can be excruciating. And yet, it is the wait that God uses to bend us into submission to His will and in conformity to His image.

I am reminded of high school field trips to theme parks where I would stand in line for 1.5-2 hours just to get on a 4 minute ride. Oftentimes, I actually enjoyed the wait more than the actual ride because it was during the wait that I got to spend time with my friends, talking and playing games in line.

You see, the wait doesn't have to be excruciating. The wait can be exhilarating and enjoyable if we only choose to become more intimately acquainted with our Father during this time of refrain. If we were never made to wait, my guess is that we would blow right past God and schedule him out of our busy lives. But, the wait forces us to stop. Forces us to be still. Forces us to look up and realize we aren't in control - we never were.

In waiting, we are called to surrender. Surrender to His will. Surrender to His methods. Surrender to His timing. It is an act of submission. It is a laying down of oneself. It is humbling of ourselves before Father God, recognizing He is sovereign and over all things.

The point of the waiting is not to get to the next thing. The point of the waiting is to remember who God is, to cling to Him in every season, and to seek to know Him more.

He is every answer to every question and every problem you will ever encounter from now until eternity. He is the great I AM.

In Exodus 3, when God appears to Moses and calls him to rescue His people from slavery, God refers to Himself as I AM. "Inherent in the idea behind the name I Am is the sense that God is “the becoming one”; God becomes whatever is lacking in our time of need. The name I Am invites us to fill in the blank to meet our need – when we are in darkness, Jesus says I am the light; when we are hungry, He says I am the bread of life, when we are defenseless, He says I am the Good Shepherd. God is the becoming one, becoming what we need." (David Guzik commentary, Blue Letter Bible).

He will sustain you through the wait that feels like an eternity. His presence will bring joy to your soul as you hope for what is to come while living in the here and now. His peace will calm and quiet your fears of the unknowns that lurk around the corner.

I haven't waited well, that's for sure. But, the amazing thing about God is that He gives us what we absolutely do not deserve - grace. He heaps boundless grace and mercy and forgiveness on us. He continues to speak to our hearts, to woo us back to Him. He keeps showing up with open arms, waiting and longing for you to run to Him. Just as my one year old runs to me and face plants his head in my chest, for no other reason than I'm his mom and he's my baby. And, so it is with Father God.

Take delight in Him. Relish in His great, steadfast love for you. Use this season of waiting to spend time with your good Father. Don't waste the wait.

Don't waste the wait.


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