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The Helper: HOly Spirit


1. Do you place limitations on the Holy Spirit?  If yes, in what ways?


2. Has there been a time in your life that you could say you were afraid of the manifestations of the Spirit?


3. To whom do you turn for help? We are promised the Holy Spirit as our Helper - our intercessor, our advocate, our comforter, our counselor, our consoler.  Are we relying on and turning to the Spirit of God for help?


4. Which role of the Holy Spirit speaks to you most right now in your current season of life? Why?


5. Are you in God's Word daily?  One role of the Holy Spirit is to explain and expound on the Truth of God's Word and to bring it to our remembrance, but He can only do that if we've first read Scripture and put it inside of us. 


5. Do you live a changed life?  Do you exhibit the signs of living in the Spirit?  If yes, then awesome! Keep digging into God's Word and clinging to Him, remaining teachable and open to the workings of the Holy Spirit.  If no, then go to God in prayer, asking Him to reveal why you don't exhibit a changed life and asking Him to transform you from within.  Perhaps you've never had a real inner change and haven't accepted the salvation Christ offers (see Resources).  Or perhaps you're a Christian, but have been choosing to gratify the flesh more often than not - you have the Spirit, but are not utilizing its power.

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