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Each week one of these amazing women of God will write a guest blog.  These women are grounded in their identities as daughters of the Most High God; and, I am so blessed to call each of them friend.  This is my community.

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Word I would use to describe her:


Gabbi Hartzell

Guest Blogger

Gabbi is a wife and mother to two sweet girls.  She is a speaker and the Women's Ministry Director at The Creek Church in London, Kentucky, where her husband also serves as the Family Pastor.  She is also my little sister, so she knows more dirt on me than anyone else in the world!  Most days you will find her with a cup of coffee glued to her hand, working tirelessly on orchestrating women's events through her church and speaking at conferences across the nation, all while training up and corralling her spunky daughters (it's a family trait)!

You can read more about Gabbi at


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Kari Copling

Guest Blogger

Kari is a wife and mother to four beautiful kids.  She stays at home with the kids and homeschools her oldest children.  She is actively involved with her church, Prestonwood Baptist Church, and will be the first person to serve a need in the community, always giving selflessly to those around her.  She loves coffee as much as I do, and we often have crack-of-dawn coffee hangouts before kids wake up!  Most days you will find her effortlessly teaching and training her children, amidst taking on all things DIY - of which she is the queen!


Word I would use to describe her:


Jessica Gresham

Guest Blogger

Jessica is a wife and mother.  She has three beautiful girls  and one sweet boy, as well as, a set of twins in the arms of Jesus.  She stays at home with the kids and homeschools all of her school-age kids, plus some of her friends' children.  She is actively involved in teaching and serving at her church, Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. She is one of the most down-to-earth, real persons I've ever known, always making those around her belly-laugh while also being 100% honest and vulnerable.  Most days you will find her teaching her kids, drinking coffee and serving in some capacity at church!

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Word I would use to describe her:


Maddison Adkins

Guest Blogger

“Maddison is a college student pursing her graduate degree in Psychology. She is a lover of Christ, Chick Fil-A, sea turtles, and Dr Pepper. She enjoys hammocking, running, writing, reading, and spending quality time with loved ones. Currently, she is trying to figure out all that life has to offer just like every other 20-something-year old, and enjoying every second of it!  Most days you will find her embracing all life has to offer and fiercely seeking out and pursuing the Lord, as He guides her down the right path.

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Word I would use to describe her:


Austin Stratton

Guest Blogger

Austin is a wife and mother to four young kids, one boy and three girls.  Her youngest two kids are special needs and her oldest are in school.  She is actively involved in her church, Prestonwood Baptist Church.  Life has definitely thrown her some curve balls, but her resilient and fiery personality coupled with her strong faith and total trust in God have carried her above the impossible.  She beautifully walks out her faith with infectious joy. Most days you will find her shuttling her kids back and forth to doctor appointments and gymnastics, attending classes to finish her college degree and participating in crossfit regularly.

You can read more about Austin at

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Word I would use to describe her:


Jana Cain

Guest Blogger

Jana is a wife to Chris and mother to  2 boys Wilder (5) and Sawyer (3), and 2 babies with Jesus, Colter and Taylor. Originally from the north Alabama area, they moved to Texas after just a few months of marriage.  They attend and are actively involved at  Lighthouse Christian Fellowship  where they co-lead a life group and Chris serves as the Life Groups pastor on staff.  She works full time outside the home doing book-keeping.  Most days you will find her cherishing time with her littles as they have routine bedtime dance parties!  

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