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Jehovah Rapha: The Lord Who Heals


1. How often do you find yourself grumbling and complaining about a situation in which God has specifically placed you?


2. What lies does Satan flood your mind with that cause you to doubt God?


3. What Scriptures can you use to combat the schemes and tactics of the enemy?  Look them up, write them down, memorize and recite them.  Post them in places where you can easily access and look to them when Satan begins to attack.  Do not give him a foothold in your mind - that belongs to God and God alone.


4. Do you believe God can and will heal - spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally?


5. In what ways have you seen the healing power of the Lord in your own life?


6. List out the ways you have personally seen the goodness, faithfulness and trustworthiness of God.  Keep this list handy so that you can look at it when crises and trials come.  The Israelites used to construct ebenezers to remember the goodness and acts of God.  Let us do the same and surround ourselves with evidence of His goodness in our lives. 

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