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Jehovah Shalom: The Lord Is Peace


1. What battles are you facing right now that try to steal your peace?  Or what battles have you faced that have stolen your peace?


2. Have you experienced the peace of God that transcends understanding, even in the midst of uncertain, scary or difficult circumstances?  How did you keep your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus?


3. When trials and suffering come, to whom do you look?  To God?  To your spouse or your family?  To your friends or church?  I'll be the first to admit that my first response is still to go to my husband.  I process with him and expect him to give me peace.  But, he can't and he'll never be able to fill me with lasting and true peace.  That's God's role.  Pray with me now for God to establish Himself as the first person you go to when trials, suffering and persecution come.  And, in the strength of the Lord, train yourself to go to Him first and in everything - always. (This might be a good area in which to have an accountability partner who will ask if you first went to God instead of others).


4. Are you aware of the spiritual war raging around us?  Are you taking an active stance in the war, as we are commanded as children of God?  Or are you sitting on the sidelines oblivious to the battles that rages?


5. What about this teaching struck you the most?  What has God shown and taught you through His name Jehovah Shalom?  Feel free to share in the comments below!

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