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Day 20: Legacy

“Father God, you promise in your Word that for the one who loves you, you will bless him and his family unto a thousand generations (Exodus 20:6, Psalms 105:8). I cling to that promise today and ask that your hand be upon my family and my legacy. I commit my ways and my family to you, Lord (Proverbs 16:3, Psalms 37:5, Joshua 24:15). I ask that you give me wisdom to raise my children according to your Word and that you would fill them with the desire to love and worship you all the days of their lives. Set them aside for your purposes and make them holy. Help me to be a Godly example and to lead them to you, Lord. Give me strength and resolve when I feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all. I pray that I would love, serve and seek you all the days of my life (Deuteronomy 6:5, Deuteronomy 11:13, Psalms 27:4). In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

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