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Day 23: Sphere of Influence

Father God, I thank you for the people with which you have surrounded me. Thank you for the blessing they are in my life. I pray that you would use me to bless and witness to each of them, as you have called me to do. I also pray that you would expand my sphere of influence. Draw more people to yourself through me. Give me the words to speak and the tact in which to do it. I pray you would provide me with opportunities to share your love with each of them. I pray against all forms of strife within my sphere of influence, and ask that you fill the atmosphere around us with your peace and love. Teach me true servant-hood, love and humility. Give me grace for those around me and give them grace for me. I pray you would mightily use me to reach those you bring into my life. Let my life be a living example of selflessness and grace to those you’ve placed around me. I love you and I thank you. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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