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Day 9: Grace and Mercy

“Father God, thank you for the grace and mercy you have extended to me. Thank you for saving my soul and for loving me in my sin. My prayer is that I extend the same grace you’ve given me to others. If I’m being honest, grace and mercy aren’t my strong suits. I forget so quickly how wretched my soul is without you, and I fall so easily into Satan’s trap of pride and self-righteousness. Lord, I commit my ways to you and ask that the full knowledge and realization of what I have been freely given by you would be forever in the forefront of my mind. Don’t let me forget the mercy I have found in you. Father, give me a spirit of humility and grace. Grace toward others and grace toward myself. Help me not to push myself to the limit but to rely on you fully. Thank you for your grace in an abundant measure. I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

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