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Psalms 119:129-152


"129 Your testimonies are wonderful; therefore my soul keeps them. 130 The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple. 131 I open my mouth and pant, because I long for your commandments.132 Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your way with those who love your name. 133 Keep steady my steps according to your promise, and let no iniquity get dominion over me. 134 Redeem me from man's oppression, that I may keep your precepts. 135 Make your face shine upon your servant,  and teach me your statutes. 136 My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law. 137 Righteous are you, O Lord, and right are your rules. 138 You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness and in all 

faithfulness. 139 My zeal consumes me, because my foes forget your words. 140 Your promise is well tried, and your servant loves it. 141 I am small and despised, yet I do not forget your precepts. 142 Your righteousness is righteous forever, and your law is true. 143 Trouble and anguish have found me out, but your commandments are my delight. 144 Your testimonies are righteous forever; give me understanding that I may live. 145 With my whole heart I cry; answer me, O Lord! I will keep your statutes. 146 I call to you; save me, that I may observe your testimonies. 147 I rise before dawn and cry for help; I hope in your words. 148 My eyes are awake before 

the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promise. 149 Hear my voice according to your steadfast love; O Lord, according to your justice give me life. 150 They draw near who persecute me with evil purpose; 

they are far from your law. 151 But you are near, O Lord, and all your commandments are true. 152 Long have I known from your testimonies that you have founded them forever."


vs. 130 - unfolding - "declaration, opening, doorway"

vs. 130 - light - "to be or become light, to enlighten anyone's eyes, to kindle, to be surrounded and resplendent with light, to be made light"

vs. 132 - gracious - "to be favorably inclined toward, to pity, to bend or stoop in kindness to an inferior, to be merciful, to bestow, moved to favor by petition, to be compassionate"

vs. 132 - as is your way - "a verdict pronounced judicially, judgment, that which is just according to the law, a manner or custom"


vs. 132 - love - "to desire, to breathe after anything, to delight in anything, to produce fruit and flowers, to be verdant, to germinate"


vs. 133 - dominion - "to rule over anyone, to obtain power, to get the mastery, to cause to rule, to govern, to permit"


vs. 135 - shine - (same word as in verse 130 above)


vs. 140 - well tried - "to prove, to examine anyone, to melt a metal, to purge gold or silver by fire, to refine"


vs. 143 - my delight - "pleasure, enjoyment, object of delight"


vs. 146 - call - "to cry out, to call upon anyone, to ask aid, to address by name, to summon"


vs. 146 - save me - "to be open, wide or free; to set free; to preserve; to aid; to succour; to get victory, salvation"


vs. 147 - hope - "to remain, to expect, to wait, to be patient, to trust, to stay, to be pained"


vs. 148 - meditate - "to produce, to bring forth, to ponder, to utter, to declare, to speak, to pray, to talk with, to sing, to celebrate, to lament, to complain, to speak with someone, to germinate, to flourish"


vs. 149 - hear - "to listen, to attend to anyone, to hear and answer, to give heed, to understand things heard, to be regarded, to be cared for"


vs. 151 - you are near - "at hand, nearness of time or place, kinship or personal relationship, shortness"


vs. 151 - true - "trustworthiness, assured, established, faithful, firmness, stability, perpetuity, security, fidelity, uprightness, integrity"


vs. 152 - founded - "to establish, to lay a foundation, to ordain, to fix"

What does this reveal about God's character?

God is gracious and compassionate.  He hears us when we cry out to Him and He responds to our requests with His loving presence.  God is our salvation.  He has given us victory over death and sin through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  God is trustworthy.  His word is true and He is faithful to complete it.  


1) Am I meditating on God's word?  What does that look like for me?


2) What kind of fruit am I producing in my Christian walk?  Is it evident to those around me?

3) Do I trust in the truth of God's word?  Or do I doubt the infallibility His word?

4) In what ways do I cry out to God?  Do I believe that He hears me and answers me?

5) Am I willing to accept that His answer to my plea may not be the answer I want or seek?

6) Do I trust in the faithfulness of God?

7) Have I accepted the salvation of the Lord through Jesus Christ?  If not, please visit our Resources page.

8) Do I believe God is near me and with me?  


Father God, you are gracious and attentive to me.  Thank you.  I know that when I cry out to you, you not only hear me, but answer me.  I ask you to make your face shine upon me and enlighten me, so that I can see your faithfulness to your word, your trustworthiness to your promises, your readiness to aid me, and your nearness to those who love you.  Lord, you have proven your word true time and time again in my life.  Help me never to forget your faithfulness in my life.  And, Lord, I ask you to deepen my relationship with you.  I love how I can come to you personally and intimately to praise you, beseech you and even complain to you when I'm frustrated or sad.  No other religion or god I've heard of can offer the closeness you offer, Lord.  Thank you that you are Emmanuel, God with us (Matthew 1:23).  I ask that you make your presence real to me today.  Anchor my hope in you, Lord.  May I put no stock in others or in the things of this world, but only in you and in the truth and stability of your word.  In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!  

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