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The Advocate: Jesus Christ


1. Do you see your need for salvation?  Without first seeing how sinful you are and how you cannot save yourself from sin and death and hell, you will never see why you need Jesus in your life.  Satan will try to mask your sin with pride (yes, another sin).  He will attempt and often succeed in getting you to look within yourself for perfection and tempting you to compare yourself with those around you.  This is such a slippery slope because we all look better and more righteous than some people.  This puts salvation in a subjective light, which is what a lot of the world tends to do.  Just because you believe something to be true does not make it true, and just because you believe something to be untrue does not make it so.  Truth is absolute, not relative as Satan and the world would have you believe.  The only authentic comparison we can make it between ourselves and a holy God - this is the true marker of holiness.  If we don't measure up, then we are unholy and need a Savior.


2. Have you trusted in Christ to be your Savior and Advocate?  Click here to be redirected to a prayer, receiving Christ's salvation and dedicating your life to His glory.


3. Do you believe Christ can save you completely?  Or do you think he can mostly save you and then you help out with good works/deeds?  Or that you need to get saved again and again each time you do something sinful?  When you truly receive Christ's sacrifice as the atonement for your sins, your salvation is held secure in Him.  If you don't fully believe that, then you are essentially saying that Christ's sacrifice wasn't enough for you and that you need to help Him along.  This is a dangerous and prideful place in which to put yourself.  Seek God in prayer about this and allow Him to speak to and minister to you on the completeness of His salvation.


4. How do you view your salvation?  Something static that you did once or something continual?


5. Why can salvation only be found in Christ and not through ourselves, our works or anyone else?

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