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In His Hands

20 years ago I was sitting in chapel in high school when the principal interrupted with the news of the Twin Towers. I was in NYC a couple years later when the cornerstone was laid for what would become the Freedom Tower. Two years ago I was honored to be able to see the finished tower and memorial with my family.

It’s been difficult to try to explain it to my five-year-old. Such evil is too much for his innocent mind and heart to fathom. I rejoice in his innocence but am also grieved knowing that the world will slowly chip away at it. And now as I look at my 2-month-old lying in my arms, viewing his newly-discovered world with awe and smiles, I want to shield him from the heartache, pain and evil of this world. But, if I shield him from the world, then how will the world see the Light of God within him? 

It is so painstakingly difficult to let go of our children. God knows this kind of pain, too (John 3:16-17). But, He is not asking us to let go of our children and turn them over to an evil world. He is asking us to let go of our children and entrust them to Him. It seems scary to let them go; but, when you know the One who holds them is trustworthy, good and true, then letting them go becomes a relief.  It is not our job to keep them from evil or to protect them. God is the one who holds them in his hands. My job is to love and trust God, and to love my children and show them the love of God so that they too will love and trust him. Thank God that it does not depend on me, but that all things depend on him ❤️

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