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In November of 2017, my husband was offered a job. Not just any job - his dream job. His current job was horrible to say the least and we had been praying for a couple years that God would provide another job for him. He made a list of all the things he wanted in a new job. We gave it to God and prayed fervently for those two years. He wasn't actively searching for a job - we both felt like God directed him to not apply anywhere, but that He was going to drop something in his lap unexpectedly. And, then, one day he called me out of the blue and told me he had just been offered a job. And, guess met ALL of the criteria for which we had been praying for so long. It was an answer to our prayers!

The only thing that we didn’t expect was that it was an “eat what you catch” type job, meaning if you don’t have clients, you don’t get paid. Building a business from the ground up would require a lot of trust in God. I run business out of our home and I was pregnant with our second son at the time. Our expenses were only going to increase with having another person under our roof (not to mention the medical bills rolling in that we weren't aware of yet). Trusting God when you have to is hard and requires a lot of faith, but He was testing our faith and calling us to trust in Him. I met with my mentor who also owns her own business, as does her husband. The word God gave her to give me was "Manna for today." When the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years God provided manna for them to eat - daily. They were instructed to gather the manna that God rained down from heaven on a daily basis and not take any extra to store up for the next day - take just what they needed. God was teaching them to trust in Him every single day for every single need. It was an exercise in faith. And, this was going to be our exercise in faith - the thing God used to stretch us even further, to lean on Him even more, to grow closer to Him than ever before. I remember telling my mentor that although this season was going to be difficult and scary we would get to see a lot of miracles. Because when you completely rely on and trust in God, He will always see you through and never fail.

The last year has been stressful, not because God didn’t take care of us but because there would be times we took our eyes off of Him and would look at the circumstances and the numbers, times we let fear creep in. But, we never once went hungry. Never once paid a bill late. Never once felt deprived. Our cash reserves should have been gone within a couple of months, but God. God has continued to provide manna. And it’s exactly that. He gives us what we need when we need it, making it drastically evident that He's the reason we're taken care of. He's the reason we're okay. He's the reason - period. Each month looks scary when you look at it from man’s perspective, but when you factor in God it becomes a beautiful opportunity to trust in Him. And, when you do you will see some pretty amazing miracles. We've seen last minute paychecks come in just in time for our mortgage payment. We've seen unexpected money be given to us right when we needed it. We've seen medical bills excused and reduced by insurance. Miracles.

When God calls you to step out in faith know that He will carry you. To be carried by someone you have to put all of your weight on them; you have to remain inseparable from them; you have to believe they won’t drop you. But, when you do this, you will be refreshed and rested; you will be able to go places you couldn’t have gone otherwise; and, you will have a deeper relationship and closeness with the One carrying you. Let Him carry you through whatever it is He’s been calling you. Don’t waste another second looking at things from your perspective. Bring God into the mix and let Him carry you.

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