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Has anyone ever been given a word from the Lord and had no clue what it meant?

About 10 months ago I heard the word “change” from the Lord. I didn’t know what that would look like....should I change my outfit, should I change my plans for lunch, do I need to change my attitude (high possibility)?! Or is it bigger than that...are we suppose to move, do my kids need to change schools? Literally, I had no idea what God was talking about and what He wanted me to do with that message.

If you know me, you know I am NOT good with change! I like things to stay the same and go smoothly. I like to make plans. I like those plans to go as can see where I am going with this. I like order and consistency! So, the word CHANGE is not one that I like in my everyday vocabulary. That being said...

Healthy things grow and growing things change.

A quote my husband likes to remind me of often. (And I usually roll my eyes in annoyance because I know he is right. I just don’t like to hear it!) He knows I don’t like change and I am usually not good with it, but he loves me and wants me to grow.

So, here I am with this “word” the Lord has given me, and I am at a complete loss. After a few months, I keep getting reminded of this word and I tell my husband about it. He tells me that he has started to hear the same thing. He, like me, didn’t know what that looked like. But, we FIRST pray and seek the Lord, and we then trust God to reveal what it is He is telling us. Now I find it funny that the Lord gave me this word about 6 months before He gave it to my husband. My theory is because He knows I need more time to adjust to the thought of change!

I am not going to lie...I still do not know fully what He meant. I mean, we have had a lot of things change in the past few months - my back injury that has forever altered my life, work circumstances, church leadership positions, kids’ needs, etc. - but I don’t know which thing or event He was referring to, or if we have even encountered the “change” God was referring to.

But, you know, I am ok not knowing. Maybe He was just preparing me for all of it! Either way...

God is faithful when I am not; He is endless when I am at the end of me; He is consistent when everything around me seems to be going haywire.

He is enough through the change! Healthy things grow and growing things change.

My prayer is that through all the different changes in life we can be reminded that our God is the SAME yesterday, today and tomorrow!


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