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“But God shows his love for us in that while

we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Without my Savior, where would I be,

Without His mercy, that covers me?

Should guilt befall my soul too great,

Not one step more, be able to take.

A wall would grow, one step at a time,

Above my heart, my strength, and my mind.

Instead His mercy, unearned; undeserved,

Rained down my cheek; warm, unreserved.

Rains down my cheek, trickles off my nose,

All down my arms, puddling at my toes.

Not a sprinkle, this love; an undying flood,

Flows from His hand, eternally above,

And paints a portrait, too beautiful to see,

His righteousness, grace, enveloping me.

Not quickly or briefly, once here and now gone,

But daily, continually, on and on.

May my heart not forget His transformation,

And ne’er forsake this so great salvation.

In humility bow, with sincerity glowing,

Thankful life in His hand, eternally growing.

Without my Savior, where would I be?

But in His mercy, He sanctifies me!



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